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A better way to pay for your healthcare expenses with Geisinger
Care Card is a Geisinger exclusive, interest-free payment plan in your pocket
Pay for care over time, without any interest or fees!
PayZen Care CardPayZen Care Card
How It Works
Enroll in less than a minute and instantly use your virtual card. A physical card will be shipped within 7 days.
Use your Care Card to pay for care at Geisinger, online or in-person.
Each transaction is split into a repayment plan that fits your budget. There is no interest or fees.
Get Your Care Card Today
No credit checks. No interest or fees
0% interest monthly payments
Pay Geisinger Bills Instantly, Pay Back PayZen Monthly
With the PayZen Care Card you can pay your bills off instantly, and pay PayZen back monthly with 0% interest and no fees
Easily Manage Your Account
View and Manage Your Card From Our Dedicated App
With the PayZen Care Card you can pay your Geisinger bills instantly, and pay PayZen back monthly with 0% interest and no fees.
Get Your Care Card Today
No credit checks. No interest or fees
Got Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the PayZen Care Card?
The PayZen Care Card is an affordable and convenient way to pay for healthcare at Geisinger. PayZen and Geisinger have partnered to give you a new, better way to make paying for your care easier and less stressful.

The Care Card allows you to cover your healthcare bills from Geisinger today and pay the balance of your bill over time, with zero interest or fees.
How do I use the PayZen Care Card at Geisinger?
Simply use the Care Card to pay Geisinger for your healthcare services, online or in person. Here’s how it works:

  • The Care Card pays the full bill amount for you. The bill is marked “paid.”
  • You pay the Care Card balance with affordable monthly payments.
  • Your payments are based on the number of months you can take to pay the full balance, as determined when you get the card.
  • The monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from your preferred payment method (most choose a checking account or debit card).
What happens when I start using the PayZen Care Card?
When you use your Care Card for the first time, the payment method that you set up with the card is charged immediately for the first month’s payment.

Your payments will be automatically processed on time each month so you don’t have to worry about them. You can access your account to update your payment method at any time.
When do my automatic monthly payments happen?
Your payments are made automatically to PayZen each month based on the date you first used your Care Card.
Can I use the PayZen Care Card before it arrives in the mail?
Yes! Visit your PayZen account to access your digital card, which you can use online or in person with Geisinger.
Do I qualify for financial assistance?
Find out if you qualify for financial assistance by
. Even if you are eligible, it’s important to explore if the Care Card is the right option for you, as there may be more suitable solutions available.